Coaching reinforces behavioural change that is an essential part of an individual’s learning process, providing knowledge, opinions, options and judgement in critical areas. Coaching triggers attitudes and behaviours that build self-reliance and confidence to generate thoughtful solutions independently. Coaching takes individuals to the root cause, helps identify goals and aids creating a roadmap to achieve them by staying focused and committed.


We at Resonant Enabling empower individuals and organizations to identify their strengths and attain their fullest potential to achieve their ultimate goals. While there are numerous facets to personal, professional and corporate life, our work is concentrated in areas whose impact on life and work is overarching.

Our work has helped clients develop clarity about their goals and  adopt a structured approach to achieve them. We collaborate to achieve goals by contributing to improve the quality of everyday lives and bring fulfilment to it.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals helps individuals to tackle life issues, assists professionals in building successful careers and support organizations to grow steadily and make a mark for themselves. We constantly build professional relationships with like-minded coaches and professionals and look forward to associate for mutual growth.






Why Resonant Enabling

  • Root cause analysis

  • Facilitate transition

  • Acts as a sounding board

  • Develop High Potentials

Benefits to the Coachee

  • Generates improvements in individuals performance/ targets/ goals

  • Helps identify solutions to a problem

  • Helps overcome limiting beliefs and corrects behaviour

Benefits to the Organization

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved cross functional relationships

  • Enhanced management and leadership skills

  • Improved morale and satisfaction


Vandana Manwani

I am ICF certified Coach and NLP Practitioner. An engineer  from the University of Pune and with management from Program from IIM(C).


Have over 19 years industry experience with various organizations and majority of it was with Accenture. I have played various roles in delivery, pre-sales, and account management and have worked with clients like GE, Hartford Insurance, British Telecom. Have mentored large team sizes of more than 50O members.
Coaching for me is a passion and I bring in strong people skills and vast corporate experience into my sessions.

Have conducted sessions with business owners on important areas like networking and building core values. Have helped mid to senior level professionals deal with the transition to new careers. Have empowered many professionals deal with work-life balance issues.

My coaching style is collaborative which helps the coachee to unleash her or his potential and develop an achievable roadmap producing immediate business or personal benefits. 


Coaching engagement process involves raising awareness in the coachee to discover the roadblocks or real challenges they may be having. It is a proactive process to generate choices and course of actions towards accomplishing desirable life conditions.

Certified Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner




Coaching for us is a relationship built on trust and understanding to unleash your inner strengths and abilitites.

Identify the

desired outcome

Probing, apprasials,

360-degree feedback,

psychometric tools

and self-analysis  

Workable SMART steps

Coaching evaluation sessions:

identify key takeaways and

build accountability

Start with the

end  in mind